Tourmaline Steam Ceramic Flat Iron - Hair Straightener

Tourmaline Steam Ceramic Flat Iron - Hair Straightener

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Now you can straighten your hair like a pro without spending a whole day at the salon!

Bring the professional touch of a hair stylist to the comfort of your home using this revolutionary steam hair straightener. It releases steam in less then a minute so you don't have to spend long hours styling your hair.

What are the benefits of using a Steam Flat Iron?

Hair follicles contain natural moisture. When we heat the hair the natural moisture gets eliminated. That’s why hair ends up with rough texture. Now here comes our Steam Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron handy - It vents steam during heating. But no need to worry about it, because with steam, there will be less damage.

  • Newest Generation Vapor Technology: Our Steam Flat Iron locks hair moisture under high temperature. Distilled water in the tank makes your hair naturally straight, shiny and nourished.
  • Floating Plates: Adjust to tension and eliminate snagging, whether styling straight, curly or wavy looks.
  • Latest Innovation: Infusion of nano ceramic and ionized tourmaline, plus the floating function in plates tames the thick & coarse hair and fixes problematic hair such as frizzy hair and split ends.
  • Fully Adjustable Heat to Minimize Styling Time and Heat Exposure: With the adjustable high heat settings, fewer passes are needed for silky results, protecting your hair from prolonged heat exposure.
  • Safe and Reliable Feature: Our Steam Flat Iron is designed with smooth shape and soft-touch rubber to protect your hand. The circuit board is approved by EMC and it has an auto shut off feature after 60 minutes of not using the tool.

What is Tourmaline Technology?

Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral that aids in the hair smoothing process. Tourmaline emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions present in dry or damaged hair. This results in smooth, shiny hair. The tourmaline even helps to seal moisture into your hair and counteracts frizz.

Why it's perfect for you:

  1. Salon-Quality Straightening with Steam Function

This professional-quality flat iron delivers a polished salon finish - at home. Designed with 1-inch ceramic plates, the Steam Flat Iron achieves high, consistent heat that reduces frizz and damage as it straightens your hair.

Tip: Add some drops of Argan Oil into the water tank of the flat iron and the hair will be well protected during hair straightening process.

  1. Tourmaline Ceramic Technology for Smooth Results

Latest technology high-grade tourmaline ceramic plates ensures a snag-free glide and more even heating than traditional flat iron straighteners. The floating plate design ensures your hair stays in contact with the heat, resulting in faster styling and smooth, healthy hair. A salon-length swivel cord offers greater styling flexibility.

  1. Convenient LED Temperature Display for Pro Styling

Monitor the flat iron's temperature on the easy-to-read LED display. 

  1. Adjustable Heat

Straighten your hair with heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Simple two-button controls allow you to increase and decrease the heat to your desired level. Temperature lock mode prevents overheating and keeps the setting secure as you style.

For very fine, fragile, damaged hair, use 300-375°F.
For normal, easy to straighten hair, use 375-410°F.
And for thick, difficult to straighten hair, use 410-450 °F

  1. Professional MCH heater, fast Heat Up   

With a quick heat-up, you'll be ready to style in no time. A hinge lock allows you to keep the iron in a locked position for easier storage.

How to use the Steam Flat Iron:

  1. Plug the device.
  2. Press the “POWER” button to switch on the device.
  3. Temperature control: press “+” button to increase the plate heating level, for every single press the temp goes up one level. Press the “-” button to decrease the plate heating level, every single press the temp goes down one level.
  4. Press the “POWER” button again to switch off the device.
  5. Automatically safety shut-off feature kicks in after one hour without any operations, then the blue POWER status light switches on.
  6. The heating indicating light: when plugged, the LED flashes from level 1 to level 6. The LED light stops flashing when certain heating intensity is chosen.
  7. The steam control button is at the bottom side of the device, you can use this button to adjust the dose of steam spraying.


  • Please fill the water chamber with pure water and switch steam spraying button on, then fold up and down the plates for 5-6 times and the steam will start spraying.
  • Do not put Argan Oil directly in the water tank - just put a few drops, that will be enough.
  • For good results, put just a pinch of hair between the two plates, press the two plates to clench, then gently and slowly straighten or curve your hair. Don't rush, good styling takes patience.


  • Do not touch the heating plates directly during using  (that's a no-brainer, but we have to say it - for safety reasons!).
  • Do not clean this device with water while in use!
  • Flammable materials are forbidden to make contact with the hot plates when using the device.
  • Let the device’ plates cool down before putting it away.
  • Children are forbidden to use this device.