Magic Detangling Brush

Magic Detangling Brush

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This is not your ordinary hair brush, it really detangles your hair, watch below:

Wow, that's detangling magic, isn't it? ;)
-> Read below why it works!

Imagine a hair brush that easily detangles your hair and won't cause breakage or damage.

Our brush has flexible bristles that gently separate your hair instead of pulling it - which minimises breakage and damage to your hair. Kids and adults alike love that it easily detangles hair without causing pain - while improving the overall health of the hair.

    • THE BEST AT REMOVING KNOTS AND TANGLES – Ordinary bristle brushes work against the hair, basically ripping through and pulling out the knotted hair instead of gently separating it! But the unique cone shaped plastic bristles work to separate the hair sideways instead of down, gently unraveling even the toughest tangles.
    • CHILD FRIENDLY – No more fits when it's time to get ready to go out! The Detangling Brush doesn't dig into the scalp or rip out hair like other brushes. It takes out tangles without yanking or hurting.
    • PAINLESS BRUSHING – Other brushes have beads at the end that can dig into the scalp and cause pain and get caught in tangles. This brush has painless soft plastic bristles that massage the scalp and increase circulation, which may help increase hair growth. It also smoothes the cuticle layer, making your hair shine!
    • Optimal Size: 15x6x3cm

How to use it properly:


Why this detangling brush works? (...unlike your regular one?)

Short answer: Because of the unique design of its bristles.

The different lengths of the bristles detangles your hair at two different levels at the same time. While the longer bristles penetrates deeper into the hair, the shorter ones keep detangling the upper levels. That way, in one motion, you will detangle your hair twice - at the upper and lower levels of your hair!

Get your Detangling Brush now - it does really magic for your hair!



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