Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer Set

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer Set

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Brushes have the closest contact to your skin than any other beauty tools.

Good skin hygiene starts with clean brushes!

Did you know that without cleaning your makeup brushes it gathers more bacteria than your toilet brush? Gross! 

Do you clean your makeup brushes? No?

Who can blame you, when it's hard, messy and takes hour to dry... Right? WRONG!

Well, one thing your skincare & beauty routine doesn’t need is stress and now you can have some fun while you are cleaning your makeup brushes with this wonderful Electric Makeup Brushes Cleaner & Dryer Set. And one more thing, it’s perfect for your BFF present, in case you need some inspiration.

  • Our makeup & eye brush cleaner comes with 8 collars designed to hold tight to your handles so they never slip, providing thorough cleansing at high speed. High-quality materials paired with impeccable design ensures that our makeup cleaner won’t let you down.
  • Our makeup brushes cleaner fits 95% of brushes, from your kabuki brush & foundation brush to eyeshadow brush & lip brush. It cleans & dries brushes in a snap.
  • Our electric brush cleaner cleans your makeup brush set with a thoroughness not even expert hands can manage, due of centrifugal force
  • Battery powered & high speed, it helps remove build-up from brush tip to base—with no breakage. It’s like having a brand new set!

It’s frustrating when brushes won’t give the application you need—streaky foundation, eye shadow fallout & splotchy bronzer take a toll on confidence. Dirty brushes may be the cause! Clean brushes and skin are the true foundation of any glamorous look.


Two speed level - The electric makeup brush cleaner and dryer is equipped with two different speed levels, which is suitable for all size makeup brushes. It can not only effectively extend the service life of the motor, but also you can adjust the cleaning or drying speed.

Powerful Motor - Our makeup brush cleaner has built in a super powerful motor with high speed, so that it cleans and dries makeup brushes deeply and quickly and brings you more convenience.

Cleaning in high efficiency - Fast cleaning and quick drying in a very short time, our automatic cleaner can thoroughly clean and dry all sizes brushes. Greatly saves your time, money and effect.

Easy to Operate - Just 4 Steps: 1. Put water & soap into the plastic bowl; 2. Dip & soak the brush in soap water; 3. Dip & spin to clean; 4. Raise & spin to dry. Furthermore, 8 different sizes collars can perfectly fit for most makeup brushes or artist brushes.

3 in 1 functions:

  • Suitable for most types makeup brushes (from diameter 4~30 mm);
  • Less harmful to our makeup brushes;
  • Can act as a makeup brush organizer which can hold 8 Pcs brushes.

Top quality materials - Made from high grade materials to ensure long-lasting use.

How to use it:

  • Install the two AAA batteries (not included);
  • Add water and cleaning solution into the bowl;
  • First wet the foundation brush, and then keep pressing the switch;
  • After cleaning 1-2 minutes, it can be removed.



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