Curl Secret Hair Styler - Ceramic Wave Hair Curling

Curl Secret Hair Styler - Ceramic Wave Hair Curling

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You don’t need to roll the hair manually as the regular curler any more.

The secret is out! Discover a revolutionary new way to create beautiful, shiny curls. The Curl Secret Hair Styler features the latest technology for tangle-free curls that won’t quit. With auto-curl technology your hair is automatically and gently drawn into the tourmaline ceramic curl chamber where it is held, timed and heated from all directions to effortlessly form the perfect curl. No matter your hair length or type, this hair curling tool makes achieving consistently flawless curls easier than ever. This revolutionary styling tool puts a modern twist on your everyday curling iron. The professional brushless motor is built to have a longer life and it offers precision styling with a safety sensor to ensure easy, tangle-free curls every time. The V-shaped hair guide in the center of the curling chamber perfectly positions hair while two professional heaters heat hair from all directions to create even, beautiful, flowing curls. Plus, the auto-beep indicator lets you know when hair is done for the perfect curl every time. Tourmaline ceramic technology reduces frizz and flyaways while also protecting hair from damage. The high performance heater heats instantly and evenly, up to 400-degrees for long-lasting curls and waves. Plus with 2 heat levels and 3 timer settings—8, 10 and 12 seconds—you can customize your look and choose between loose, medium, or tight curls. You’re in control! The body of this multifunctional hair styler was ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand for prolonged styling. And there are no worries about leaving the styler on as it features a sleep mode for energy-efficient auto power reduction and a safety auto-off feature. Also includes a chamber cleaning tool to keep your hair curler free of dust, hair and debris for a longer life. With the Curl Secret Hair Styler, you get soft, beautiful curls every time you style.


Natural Curls

The Ceramic Hair Curler features ceramic plates with no hot spots. Temperature can reach up to 230 degrees and it only takes 31 seconds to heat up. The Curling Iron Wand nourishes and moisturizes hair using hydrating steam mist. Women can envy big volume curls, shiny waves, beachy waves and different curling styles.

Soft Curls
We've developed a revolutionary new way to create beautiful, shiny curls! it’s the latest technology for curls that won’t quit. Hair is automatically and gently drawn into the tourmaline ceramic curl chamber where it is gently held, timed and heated from all directions to effortlessly form a perfect curl. Suitable for all hair lengths and types, this hair curler makes achieving consistently flawless curls easier than ever. 

Tight Curls
Hot Sale Hair Salon Equipment Automatic Rotating Hair Curler with Digital Display curler Curling Iron Machine. Adjustable temperature (140C, 210C and 230C) and auto shut off after 60 min. Curl direction control of Right, Left and Automatic rotating for either a uniform or natural look. From longer lengths to short styles, no matter what the hair type, the will create shiny, long-lasting curls, every time.


Tourmaline Ceramic Curl Chamber - The specialized brushless motor heats up quickly and evenly, making the ceramic curl chamber easier to create waves in your hair and the end result will be a smoother, glossier style


LED Digital Display and Beep Alarm - It beeps at you if you put too much hair in and does not tangle it up; It beeps 5 times when it is time to release the curl, please do not release the button until hearing 5 beeps in total, which made it easier to prevent hair from overheating


Varied Timer and Temperature - 4 timer settings (8-10-12-15 seconds) style your desired hair curling effect (rings, soft curls or beachy waves); Temperature range is between 140 and 230 for all hair types and lengths


Tangle-Free Cord - It adopts rotatable cord design in the end, with 2m long cord, so this tangle-free cord will give you the mobility to stand in one place as you curl. Furthermore, it adopts the brushless motor, which is noiseless and have long life span.


Portable and Easy to Use - With a smart design it can be carried on any occasion. Moreover, it is quite easy to operate, you can design your hair at home by yourself so it will help you save the money spent on hair salon.


How it works?

 ·      Brush your hair thoroughly. Make sure your hair is completely dry and there are no tangles;

 ·      Preheat your curler. It's important to preheat your curler to get it to the optimal temperature, timer setting and curl direction;

 ·      Partition your hair into sections. Sections should be about 1-1.5cm wide;

 ·      Curl each section. Double check that the LCD Display has to be facing the head; smooth/twirl the strand of hair and insert it into the curl chamber starting from the back of the appliance, then stretch your hair strands taut;

 ·      Press and hold the curl button, meanwhile let go of hair, you can hear it rolling into the chamber and also hear one beep, keep pressing the curl button as it starts heating and waiting for 8/10/12/15sec you set, release the curl button until you hear continuous beeps 4 times;

 ·      Gently pull the hair out of the machine

 Please Note

·      Hair that has been heavily bleached or chemically treated should only use the low heat settings.

 ·      This hair tool is not designed for use on very long hair and should not be used on hair lengths below the bust.